Engineering Plastics, High Performance Plastics, Thermoset Plastics - Sheet, Rod,   Tube, Extruded Profiles, Molded, Filament Wound, and Fabricated.

    UHMW Premium Sheet, Injection Molding, Rubber & Urethane Molding, Phenolics, Acetal, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE



                     An overview of our capabilities:

  • Plastic, Rubber & Urethane standard Conveyor & Machinery Components
  • UHMW-PE sheet, virgin, repro, enhanced for wear, release, anti-static, food
  • Custom Plastic, Rubber & Urethane  Parts to Spec or Your Drawing
  • Plastic, Rubber & Urethane Sheet, Rod and Tube, Composites, Thermosets
  • Molding, Extruding, Machining, Fabricating, Welding Plastic & Rubber
  • Especially focused on High Wear & Conveyor or Machinery Components
  • Plastic Mechanical Drive Components, Chains, Sprockets, Stock Shapes
  • Extruded, Rod, Tube and Profile Shapes in both Engineering and Utility Thermoplastics, Light Diffusing Acrylic Profiles, Light Diffusing Acrylic Rod and Tube, POP Display Plastics


                     Lines Professionally Represented:

  • TSE-Industries for Plastic fabrication, molded Rubber parts, molded Urethane parts, Extruded UHMW profiles, Elastomeric (Silicone) parts.
  • TSE-OK LLC for Premium UHMW Sheet, Linings & Welded Coil Stock. Highest Molecular Weights, Plus Tolerance Sheet, Supurb Quality. We have an Enhanced UHMW Product for your Problem Application.
  • Plastifab for Quality Extruded Thermoplastic Profiles, Rod, Tube and Board Stock 
  • Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corporation for Thermoset Laminated Tubes, Shapes & Fabricated materials and components, standard and custom - 6 Axis CNC Machining, Filament Wound Tubes and Shapes, Composite Bearings, Composite Rotor Vanes
  • TSE-Industries for Conveyor Components & Accessories - The Components Company who is Actually Delivering Product, and On Time.
  • Plastock for Plastic Mechanical Drive Chains and Components. 800 Series, Pintel and Roller Chains molded from Engineering and High Performance Polymers.
  • Ensinger Putnum Precision Molding for Stock Shapes molded from Engineering, High Performance, and Imidized Polymers.

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